How to Make Panini Sandwiches Infographic


How can something so simple to make be so satisfyingly complex to the palate?  Have you ever had a well made panini or hot sandwich that just perfect?  Great crisp and heat on the bread, perfectly distributed meat, veggies and condiments all held together with something like cheese and piping hot!  OH. SO. GOOD.

Our simple but awesome infographic here really does illustrate the greatness but simplicity of making a fantastic tasting panini!

How to Make a Panini at Home

Gather Your Ingredients:

Meat, veggies, cheese, bread. For some quick panini recipe ideas check here!

Assemble Your Panini:

Bread, meat, and then….whatever.  Just start and end with bread on bottom and top!

Add to the Panini Press:

Want to check for some great panini presses?  Check out our reviews.

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how to make panini inforaphic


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