Here are the Pros of Starting a Sandwich Truck Business


    Starting a sandwich truck business

    We talk a lot about making panini here at and we love the site.  Our “end-all-be-all goal”, though is to eventually open a food truck and sell awesome sandwiches around wherever we are currently living.

    That being said, here are what we consider to be the Top 6 Benefits and Awesome Bits about having a food truck business. 

    The Low Cost from Thought to Start Up 

    Of course, this is all relative but it’s pretty low for such a viable business.

    The main cost that comes with this business decision is going to be on the vehicle (the “truck” of said “food truck” business).  Other than that, you’re gonna’ need some equipment, stock, and marketing money. 

    Even the cost of marketing could be mostly mitigated with some savvy social media posting and a small following of eager people who are willing to share your page and info. 

    It’s MAD Popular

    It’s a sandwich that’s cooked to deliciousness and then transported and served freshly made right from the truck.  They are the brunch and lunch food top choice of millions of people.  People choose sandwiches over burgers more often than not.

    People throng for the latest and greatest food truck to be in their area.  They like, join and follow social media accounts that let them know where their favorite trucks are going to be.

    On top-off all this, sandwiches are generally accepted as “mostly healthy” (definitely over fast food!) and with the millions of people who are becoming learned in the “clean and healthy eating” niche, they know what they’re looking for, and a simple sandwich could make all their dreams come true.

    Your Customers have Creative Influence on their Lunch

    Bread is usually the start of sandwiches.  Depending on the kind of sandwich you’re making, the makings of a really good one can be every eater’s own inspired, design.

    Sure, having the “make it their way” or “have it your way” mindset of today’s world can be more frustrating than a rigid menu but there are some serious advantages with customer loyalty and enjoyment when you give the power to the people (your soon to be loyal sandwich truck customers. 😊)

    Offer Self Service and Make More Money 

    Say what you want about Walmart self-service lanes, but they’re smart enough to sell you everything under the sun and then make you perform the labor that they’d otherwise have to pay for by making you check yourself out.

    In our opinion: You should always make the sandwiches yourself (or your personal labor) with your sandwich truck.  If you buy sandwiches and bring them in then you increase your expenses while also losing control of the quality of your sandwiches and their ingredients.

    A delivery business tagged onto an existing sandwich shop enables the business owner to make better use of space, time and resources. While the shop is likely to be busiest at lunch, a sandwich round in the morning will allow you to spend the quieter period of the day going out and selling direct to customers.

    Why Not Tag onto an Existing Business?

    If you can somehow snaggle onto an already existing business then a delivery business of said sandwiches (or maybe a bunch of different sandwich shops) can be very lucrative.

    LOTS of Products with High-Profit Margin

    Rarely do hungry lunchtime crowds buy only a sandwich.  You can easily add in the high, high-profit-margin products like coffee, canned soft drinks, chips, brownies, soups, etc. The options are almost limitless. Now, that’s GOOD business!

    Of course, you may find some services like coffee will slow down service.  At that point, it’s time to consider your options.  In most cases, the quick exchanges of soda, fruit, chips, etc are the best bet.


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