Bella 4 in 1 Grill, Griddle, Sandwich Maker, Panini Press Review


Bella Panini Press and Sandwich Maker

Sandwiches really are a person’s best meal friend, right?  You can make them tasty and full of calories or light, and healthy.  Either way, they get the job done.  They’re satisfying, filling, and easy to make.  The Bellas 4 ion 1 Griddle and Hot Sandwich Maker is a leading contributor to all of that!

Today, technology has presented use with some really great gourmet sandwiches (none better than some of the ones featured on Guy Fieri’s DD&Ds).  And with as budget friendly and easy to use as sandwich makers and panini presses are…anyone can be a sandwich gourmet.

If you want bistro-style, hot & toasty sandwiches at home then the Bella may be just what you’re looking for. We’ve classified it on the site as a sandwich maker rather than a panini press but you could really use it for both!

Here is our Review of the Bella 4 in 1 Panini & Sandwich Griddle


Stainless steel finish is a great accessory to any kitchen and it looks like it belongs as one of your appliances rather than a clunk add-on.

Sharp looking, black accents and interior go extremely well with the finished stainless main part.

Specialized and specifically designed removable plates are key here and allows the Bella to perform any of 4 functions:  Griddle, Grill, Sandwich maker and panini press, and even a combo of Grill AND Griddle!

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Large drip pan so that it catches all of the oils and grease that run off the food and will keep your kitchen counters clean and the Bella SUPER EASY to clean.

Necessary 2 inch floating hinge so that you can pack your sandwiches full or cook really thick and juicy steaks and/or burgers.  The floating hinge allows more and thicker items to be cooked while not squishing but still maintaining the pressure. Brilliant!

Non-stick coating

Yes!  Easy to clean with just a wipe of a paper towel or two if you’re in a rush but the plates are also removable so that you can thoroughly clean if you wanted to.  The best part?  Cheese just won’t just melt off, cook and burn to the plates making it a pain to clean.  Just wipe that away too!

PRO TIP:  Lightly brush on some EVOO for great tasting and well-toasted sandwiches!

Power and Operation

Paired with 1500 Watts for quick cooking and 93 square inches of cooking surface this unit is perfect for cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Easy to use with on/off switch, Red “power” indicator light, Green “ready” indicator light, and a super accurate temperature knob with temperatures from 250 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.


How much more can we say about the Bella’s versatility?  It’s a 4 in 1 counter top, multi-tool that can used for any size meal and snack. It’s huge cooking area leaves no meal out!

Some Comments on the Bella 4 in 1 Contact Grill, Griddle, Sandwich and Panini Maker from Amazon Verified Buyers:

  • “I love this grill!”
  • “I think it looks very professional like it belongs in a café.”
  • “Panninis are excellent. We’ll be making burgers for first time. I’m expecting them to be good.”


  • Easy clean and use.
  • Easy indicator lights, on/off switch.
  • Plenty of cooking room.
  • Plenty of power to cook most things.
  • Non-stick
  • Looks great.


  • Unit can get hot. Be cautious when touching and particularly with kids around.
  • The detachable plates are the ones with the grill marks and the other side is flat so that you only get grill marks on one side while cooking.

Final Analysis:

It’s a great multi-tool for any home.  There are some on Amazon who don’t think that the Bella Sandwich maker and Panini press is the best thing around.  We agree.  It’s not.  But for the price and the cooking surface you can do a whole lot worse.  We don’t like the fact that you only get grill marks on one side but that really only matters with panini because with most meats and vegetables that we cook we flip them at least once.  Very good but not great!

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